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Whether you are blessed to live here in Montana or just traveling though and fall in love with Montana we share a common love for the majestic mountains, cool rivers, abundant lakes, the diverse wildlife, the wonderful trees gracing the view and friendly people.   There is something about Montana that buries itself within your heart like a living thing that you are in love with.

The Tamarack Trees are changing all around us here in Bigfork, Montana. The fall colors abound and fall is in the air.  As the cool fall air wafts in to the lodge it reminds me that I love fall.  It’s a time of yearning and longing for a new year that is just around the corner.

There’s something almost magical about seeing a grizzly with her cub, the moose standing in a shallow creek, the mountain goat grazing as you drive past or the gigantic elk, with its rack so wide you can’t imagine how it can run though the trees full speed.

A bear trotted across our courtyard the other day and reminding me are all getting ready to hibernate.  To extract yarn from the knitting bin for the forgotten knitting project that was abandon during the summertime,  to organize my winter quilting project,  to clean out the closets of those summer clothes never worn, put away all the summer toys……golf clubs, canoes,  and rafts, to drain the sprinkler systems, and ready the flower beds for next spring.  And a time to be ready at a moment’s notice to strap on my snowshoes when the first snowflakes of the winter fly and the anticipation of finishing off the day by a roaring fire and a cup of hot chai.

But for now,  it’s Fall and  I am content with its heavenly colors of intense red, orange, brown, purple, burgundy, and yellow’s.