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….to wedding day!

Now that you have already figured your budget and who is paying for what. And you have determined your wedding’s style, number of people attending, the special date, and the site for your wedding. You have booked the Event Function Space for ceremony and reception.  You have set up the group sleeping room block. Begin looking at and trying on dresses.  Mail save the date cards.  You have selected your officiant, your attendants, and compiled a guest list, and if needed hired your wedding planner.

Now is it just eight months until your wedding day.   Here is a helpful monthly guideline to help you get all your “ducks” in a row prior to your special day  a summer of 2012 wedding.

 Countdown EIGHT months to go…

Book the Music (DJ or Band)

Book the Florist

Book the Caterer

Book the Photographer

Book the Cake Decorator

Re-examine your budget after getting all the  estimates

Create a wedding website

Order your wedding dress

Countdown SIX months to go…

Order the invitations

Register for gifts

Shop for Bridesmaids’ dresses

Order the wedding rings

Reserve the Limo

Research and book the honeymoon destination accommodations, airline tickets, etc.

Meet with all the vendors to plan the details.  i.e.  the florist, linen rental companies, caterer, limo provider, musician, cake decorator, event function space setup, bar details, photographer, and the wedding coordinator if you have one.

Countdown FOUR months to go…

Give final guest list and invitations to your calligrapher.

Have the bridesmaids order their dresses.

Decide with your fiancé what the groomsmen will wear.

Have the groomsmen order their attire.

Schedule the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.

Check to see how many of your guests have booked hotels rooms in the group block.







Countdown TWO months to go…

Discuss ceremony readings and songs with the officiant.

Check Montana’s state requirements for a marriage license.

Mail invitations.

Order or make the guest wedding favors.

Order the place cards.

Schedule your beautician to do a trail run of your makeup and hair style that compliments your features, the veil, and your wedding dress design.

Choose your accessories Jewelry, wedding shoes, reception shoes, etc.

Discuss the program agenda.

Assign someone with the task of keeping the wedding events flowing in a timely manner based on your agenda.

Decide who will cut the cake.

Research, design, and order the Gift baskets for your guests.

Countdown SIX WEEKS to go…

Print the programs.

Purchase the gift for the wedding party.

Check to see how many of your guests have booked hotels rooms in the group block.

Write your vows and have your officiant approve them.

Send your wedding announcement to the local newspaper.

Think about what wedding photos you would like the photographer to take, including “family reunion” type shots.

Develop your seating chart.

Countdown TWO WEEKS  to go…

Send a photo shot list to the photographer

Get your final wedding dress fitting.

Get the marriage license

Submit a play list to the DJ/Band.

Assemble the favors and programs.

Check the gift registry to make sure there are still plenty of options.

Write the rehearsal dinner speeches.

Break in your shoes by wearing them around the house.

Go for a manicure, pedicure, facial and waxing.

Reconfirm the Honeymoon reservations.

Put together a wedding emergency kit.

Order a bubbly beverage, snack or meal to be delivered to your hotel room for a late night meal – most brides and grooms are so busy with their guests they don’t get a chance to eat.  Or arrange for the caterer to have two plates of food ready to go to take with you.

Countdown ONE WEEK  to go…

Confirm all of the vendor details.

Provide final counts to the caterer for meals and seating.

Give the ceremony readings to those you have chosen to read them.

Write out place cards and finalize the seating chart.

Pack for the honeymoon.

Pickup the gift baskets and deliver them to the hotel to give to your guests upon arrival.

Countdown ONE DAY to go…

Reconfirm all event times.

Reconfirm limo pickup times.

Go for a manicure, pedicure, facial, and waxing.

Have the rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner


Eat small light meals.

Do your hair and makeup.

Get dressed 30 minutes before the photographer arrives….unless you have asked for photo shots of getting ready/dressed.

Have fun

Knock ‘em dead,

It’s your day!!!