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Guest Thank you! Note

March 2012

To: All of you at Mountain Lake Lodge,

We enjoyed our weekend there this past weekend!

You all have such a happy spirit!  The cheery welcome from Tammy at the front desk, the attention to details by Dana the waitress (Terra Restaurant), the enthusiasm of Jeff at the Sunday Brunch all fit the description! Sure – it’s your job – but there is a sense of genuineness that made it so enjoyable.

Jeff even took the time to talk about the blooming trees!!! Fun. :)   Even the gentleman (Tim) who came to check on the fireplace added, “Enjoy your stay!”

So you are a great bunch and I hope we can come again!


Norma and Fred

P.S.   Not to neglect the friendly young lady (Rachel) serving at the Pub (Riley’s) Friday evening and the other gal (Jocelyn) at the Front Desk.